The Application Process

Applications for financing will be evaluated and approved on a rolling basis while funds remain available. Local Enterprise Assistance Fund, Franklin County Community Development Center, The Food Trust, and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources will review each application to determine whether the proposed project meets program goals and is financially viable.

Applying for financing from the MFTP is a two-step process:

Pre-ApplicatIon (step one)

Before moving forward with financial evaluation, the applicant must complete a pre-application, which can be found here (or as a printable PDF version here). The MFTP partners will use the pre-application to determine whether the proposed project aligns with the MFTP’s goals and objectives of serving a low-to moderate-income, underserved community, fitting community needs and preferences, and improving food access. Programmatic eligibility criteria are outlined here. After a pre-application has been received, The Food Trust will schedule a phone call with the applicant, identify and speak to community stakeholders, and conduct additional research. The Food Trust will then submit a thorough eligibility review to the CDFI partners Local Enterprise Assistance Fund and Franklin County Community Development Center with a recommendation regarding the project’s eligibility. This process will take an estimated 2-4 weeks—thank you for your patience!

application for LOANS, grants, and/or technical assistance (step two)

If a project’s programmatic eligibility is confirmed, the applicant will be invited to submit a full application to receive financing, a grant, and/or technical assistance. This application is not available online, but will be sent directly to qualifying applicants.

Apply now!

Click the button above to be transferred to an initial eligibility pre-application. These applications will begin to be reviewed starting October 30th, 2018. As described above, we will contact applicants to schedule a phone call after receiving their pre-application, and we will strive to let applicants know whether they are eligible to move forward within 2-4 weeks of receiving the completed pre-application.

For any questions on eligibility and the pre-application process, please first consult the eligibility and FAQ pages on our website, or contact Risa Waldoks at