Who We Are

The Massachusetts Food Trust Program is a partnership between the Commonwealth, two nonprofit Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), a Food Access Organization, a State Administrator, and other partners, stakeholders, and nonprofits throughout the Commonwealth.


Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF)

Lead MFTP Administrator

LEAF is the lead administrator and has been serving the retail grocery sector for several decades, including the financing of over 20 community-owned grocery stores in the past five years through the Federal Healthy-Food Financing Initiative (HFFI). LEAF has also been a business assistance and capital provider for small business owners in Eastern Massachusetts as part of its recent local initiative.

For MFTP, LEAF will make loans, grants, and provide TA along with FCCDC.


The food trust (tft)

Food Access Organization

The Food Trust is a nationally recognized nonprofit that has been instrumental in supporting local partners to organize, launch, and report on state healthy food financing initiatives throughout the country, including in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. They serve as the Food Access Organization to the MFTP, drawing from national best practices and working with local administrators to ensure that applicants meet program guidelines.

Franklin County CDC (FCCDC)

MFTP Co-Administrator

FCCDC is a co-administrator and is a capital and business assistance provider for small businesses, serving Western Massachusetts for almost 40 years. In addition to supporting local farmers and growers, FCCDC also operates a full service commercial kitchen and food-processing center to support local food entrepreneurs.

For MFTP, FCCDC will make loans, grant, and provide TA along with FCCDC.


massachusetts department of agricultural resources (MDAR)

State Partner

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) is the state agency overseeing and evaluating the MFTP. They will be a key partner in ensuring that the Commonwealth’s goals are being met in improving food access and supporting local farmers and the local food system.