Stop and Compare Market

The Massachusetts Food Trust Program is pleased to announce that it has awarded funding to Stop and Compare Market, a family-owned ethnic food retailer with stores in Chelsea and Lynn. The Lynn location will use the award to expand its produce section and allow for a long-overdue upgrade to the store’s façade and windows. 

Located in a low-to-moderate income, underserved, and densely populated area, Stop and Compare has been serving its community since 2005. With a local customer base that is 42% Hispanic/Latinx and 19% Black, Stop and Compare Market provides a wide selection of culturally appropriate foods, including high-quality produce and a variety of meats.

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The Stop and Compare supermarket network is owned and operated by three families: the Calvo, Iannotti and Dominguez families. The market prioritizes the hiring of diverse workers living within the Lynn community. Chief Financial Officer Guillermo Fernandez proudly states: “[O]ur workforce is made up of individuals with the same nationalities as the customers, which helps us understand the culture and the needs of the community better.'' Currently, 90% of the employees are locals. 

“Furthermore”, Fernandez says, “we understand that our community members operate on a variety of different schedules; therefore we are intentional about being open seven days a week from 7 am until 9 pm.”

Besides providing culturally appropriate foods and hiring local, Stop and Compare Market also intentionally engages in local efforts and coalitions. The store is part of the local Latino associations, and continuously strives to meet the community’s needs and expectations. The store occasionally surveys customers in order to learn more about their preferences. 

The MFTP team is grateful that this store has worked so hard to provide healthy food access for its community, and we cannot wait to see the implementation of the expanded produce section!

Images provided by Stop and Compare Market and OurChelseaMA

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Emma Turcotte