Business Assistance

The Massachusetts Food Trust Program (MFTP) and its partners believe in the importance of providing pre-and-post loan business assistance, in order to ensure that entrepreneurs are getting access to the resources they need.

A portion of the funding for the MFTP is available to be disbursed as grant to be used for business assistance, either with The Franklin County CDC, The Local Enterprise Assistance Fund, or an outside provider. Click the links to read more about the Co-Administrator’s programs.

Interested in receiving Business Assistance From MFTP?

In order to receive business assistance from the MFTP, please fill out The Pre-Application. As part of the application, you can select whether you’re interested in a loan, grant, business assistance, or any combination of the three.

If you selected that you were interested in TA and your project was deemed eligible, we will reach out to you and connect you with one of our TA Providers, or else verify an outside TA Provider that meets the needs of your business.