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Oasis Community Partners, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., has received funding to expand their Good Food Markets (GFM) grocery store chain to the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. First piloted in 2015, GFM perfected their model in the D.C. area and are ready to expand: the newest GFM will be located within a larger mixed-use development project, Bartlett Station, and will help revitalize the low-income Dudley Square area of Roxbury.

Oasis Community Partners’ mission is to improve food access and community health in underserved urban food deserts. Its team has extensive experience in food service, non-profit operations, and development. The Food Trust is proud to add its support for the project, which has a strong history of successful launches since the inaugural Good Food Markets in 2015 in a low-income community in Washington D.C.

The new Bartlett location will implement the "Good Neighbor Rewards" (GNR) customer loyalty program developed at the D.C. pilot store. Originally funded by a grant from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), GNR now provides a 25% discount on all produce and fruit to self-identified food insecure households (including SNAP) and seniors (60+). All members earn redeemable loyalty points and receive a 5% discount on 100 every-day core products. The store is in line to accept SNAP and WIC in addition to these special assistance programs.


General Manager Philip Sambol remarked: "Good Food Markets is thrilled to be leading a strong team of organizations from the health care, nonprofit, and public sectors to create a new grocery store serving Roxbury and the surrounding communities. Our model is to develop a store from the ground up that serves existing community needs, both with the products offered for sale and the events in our onsite classroom space. MFTP has enabled GFM to bring the project to fruition in concert with long-standing community based organizations such as [the] Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and the Food Project, as well as galvanize funding opportunities to serve the whole neighborhood."

The new store in Bartlett Station will provide access to locally-sourced food, emphasize fresh, affordable produce, and offer prepared food options. In accordance with the Roxbury Neighborhood Plan, Boston’s long standing community and economic development plan for the area, GFM will strive to fill 80% of the jobs created at the store with local residents, have at least 50% of these positions filled by people of color and other marginalized populations, have at least 50% of all their positions filled by women, and pay a livable wage to its employees. Looking forward, GFM plans to provide healthcare coverage for its employees.

The MFTP team congratulates Oasis Community Partners on receiving funding from our program, and we are excited to welcome Good Food Markets to Boston—we can’t wait to see what they can accomplish.

Images provided by Philip Sambol (Good Food Markets)

Emma Turcotte